Is Hiring a Wedding Planner Important?

Why is it important to hire a professional to plan your special day? You will remain stress free of course! “having someone plan for you will help you focus on yourself! Having a wedding planner also helps you plan for other important wedding day things as well. Most wedding planners will help you find a venue, recommend makeup artists, hair stylist, and photographers to you! “Extremely helpful right”?! I asked Marina of Brides By Baker 5 questions to help my potential brides that come to my website what its like to work with a wedding planner. I will happily share her answers and business with you all.

1. What is the overall experience of working with you like?

The overall experience of working with me in one phrase would be stress free. I am very type A and do all the stressing for the brides so they don't have to! I am very organized and lists are my favorite! 

2. How many weddings do you take on per year?

I am a new planner, so I am ready to take on as many as I can!

3. What lengths have you gone to ensure client satisfaction on there wedding day?

My job as a planner is to make their dream and vision come true.

If a bride needs me to run to Starbucks in the middle of the ceremony, I will do it.

If she needs an emotional support person to cry or scream with at any point, I am here.

I am your best friend during the entire planning period (and hopefully after as well!) 

4. What was your favorite wedding you planned this past year?

  I may be biased, but my favorite wedding this past year was my own.

There's something about executing your own vision and seeing it

unfold from the perspective of the bride. 

5. Will planning a wedding with you be fun?

  Wedding planning can be very stressful from the bride's perspective if they are taking on too much.

My job is to come along side you to make this as fun as possible.

I genuinely love what I do and that shows through my work.

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